Application area. Trade, supply, ensuring the uninterrupted supply of goods.

How it works.

There is a company engaged in the distribution of some products, spare parts, goods (let call it the Administrator) There are their companies that use this product for their own purposes (service). Let call them (Clients). The Administrator maintains warehouses where the products ere stored, available for order to the Client companies. This program allowed the client companies to see the status of this warehouse and to fulfill the order of the required for them in real time. The company Administrator manages the orders that processes them, monitors the state of the warehouse and plans warehouse replenishment.   .

Advantages of using the program in comparison with other ways of  solving such a problem are:

Date exchange is based on ftp-protocol. There is no necessity of SURB usage requiring significant costs.

1. High speed of exchange (tested on 20 clients and  5000 items of the nomenclature).

2. Clients are not provided with access to the academic systems of the  administrator (1С, SAP and others), which in the many cases is very important for the administrator.

3. The web interface a not used, which increases the reliability of the system and it is not subject to the legislation on online stores (RB).

4. The possibility of integration with any accounting systems (1C, SAP, and others ).

 Possibility of functional expansion.

It is possible to expand the functional of the program (price, account and other) based on your requirements.

To see how it works.

1.  You need to make an installation package from the Administrator ( download here) .

2. You need to make an installation package from the Client (download here).

A test database and resource are used located in the data center of the Republic  of Belarus.